Fast Food Sauce Review: Wendy’s S’Awesome Sauce

Details: The official Wendy’s website is

Score: 6/10

Wendy’s S’Awesome sauce is a lot like Burger King’s Zesty Sauce in that it combines a lot of different sauces into one sauce. It doesn’t taste remotely similar though. This sauce is mostly for their chicken tenders.

S’Awesome sauce tastes like the German variety of spiced ketchup, except with a more mayonnaise-y consistency. The primary flavor you get from this is the tomato paste/ketchup-y flavor. The spices help give it some heat, but it’s primarily a ketchup and mayo mixture.

Overall, it wasn’t amazing. I think I might even prefer regular ketchup over this because there’s just something about this sauce that makes me gag a little. I think it’s because the taste isn’t powerful enough. They should’ve added more heat or peppers because what I mostly get from this sauce is mild tomato with the heavy consistency of mayo, which is a little gag inducing.

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