Video Game Review: Terraria: Journey’s End

Details: This is a review for the latest update or expansion, which is only available for PC at the moment. I wrote a review for this game previously which can be found at

More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

Journey’s End is the free, final update to Terraria (they’ve said this before for prior updates), a game I reviewed before. This new update adds thousands of changes and additions to the game, making it more of an expansion rather than an update. This is mostly going to cover the changes I ran into, not review the whole game.

To simplify the concept of this game, Terraria is sort of like Minecraft, but two dimensional. That is an oversimplification as Terraria focuses far more heavily on combat and fighting bosses.

Some of the major additions in Journey’s End are Journey Mode (a new, easier, more accessible mode for casual players where you can control the difficulty, weather, duplicate items, etc.), Master Mode (the new, highest level of difficulty), two new bosses, a bestiary (records entries of enemies as you kill them, tells you their stats and what loot they drop), a golfing minigame, visual improvements and new effects, and a town system that culminates in a new teleportation/transportation system (non-player characters now have happiness levels).

Personally, I didn’t try Journey mode because I’m already familiar with the game and a big part of my enjoyment is conquering these big bosses through the games built in obstacles. It is an interesting addition that I think many people without the time commitment to play this game will enjoy. Otherwise, this game takes a really long time to get through.

I did play Master Mode though, and while it is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. Like when I first got through Normal and Expert difficulty levels, I had to plan ahead and figure things out through trial and error. Defeating those bosses and progressing through to the next thing was immensely rewarding. With that said, I would’ve liked to have seen some formal hint system that modestly guides players to the next objective. As it is, if you’re not using the official wiki site for Terraria (, you’re going to have a tough time and miss out on a lot of content in the game.

The golfing minigame is fun, but simplistic. You can make it more fun with course creation, but it’s an unoriginal system that has been done to death by past video games.

There are some new sprites, animations and redone looks for enemies. These were small changes, but taken together, definitely improve the game.

The two new bosses were pretty good. One of the new bosses can be considered a mid-game boss and not that difficult for seasoned players. The other boss is more difficult and made even more difficult by a unique condition you have to meet in order to get a weapon you can only attain from this one boss. In order to get this weapon, you must defeat this boss without taking a single hit, and this boss can be described as a “bullet hell” boss. That means a bunch of projectiles flying around your screen, like in Space Invaders. It took me a bunch of tries, but I eventually beat it by building a long pathway of asphalt, buffing all the requisite buffs, and gearing all my weapons to as much damage and critical strike chance as possible.

As much as I enjoyed the “bullet hell” boss, I wish they added more bosses on top of these two. There are a few other minibosses you can fight if you fish during a blood moon.

My favorite part of this new update are the new items. It’s in this that you find the developers of this game are meme lords. For instance, there is one item that is clearly based of Captain America’s shield, with the description having the quote, “I can do this all day.” Then there’s the new final weapon, which is created by crafting ten other swords into one. It is clearly overpowered, but the only way to obtain this weapon is by defeating just about every single boss in the game (sometimes more than once) in order to get the sword unlocked by their defeat. There are hundreds more items just like this and a big part of my enjoyment of the game is to go out and discover these items.

The new town system is too simplistic to form any real opinion on. I will say that it is nice to get a new teleportation system… even though there was already a teleportation system in the game.

I must also say that the music in Terraria is fantastic. There are a couple of new tracks in this game and they are also great.

Overall, I loved Terraria and I really enjoyed this update. It gave me a reason to revisit this game and remember why I enjoyed it so much when I played it years ago. Plus, this update was free if you own the game.


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