Video Game Review: Fire Emblem Fates, All Downloadable Content

Details: Spent about seven hours playing through it all. More information can be found at

Score: 6.7/10

This is a review of all the downloadable content (DLC) for Fire Emblem: Fates. There’s quite a bit so I’ll just review them each.

Downloadable content for this game is separated into two parts, Map Pack 1 and 2. Most pieces of DLC are a single map, except for Hidden Truths and the final six part DLC.

Before Awakening

Before Awakening is a fun bit of downloadable meant for fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening. It takes our protagonist from the main story and sends them to the world of Awakening slightly before the events of that game. As free DLC, it’s all right. This is a single map.

Boo Camp

Most recent Fire Emblem games have some DLC that let’s players grind out levels and money. This is the one for levels and experience. This is basically a paid cheat. Get it if you need it I guess.

Beach Brawl

This map is for the thirsty. While Before Awakening and Boo Camp let you use your characters from the main game, this map is basically a battle royale with characters whose level and stats are unrelated to those of your characters in the main game. The main thing you need to know about this DLC is that beating it gives you a picture of you’re chosen character in a bathing suit. Again, this is for the thirsty.

Ghostly Gold

This is the cheat map for grinding out money.

Museum Melee

This is the cheat map for grinding out equipment, mostly weapons.

Royal Royale

Like Beach Brawl, this is a battle royale with stats and equipment unrelated to your characters from the main game. You get some new classes for beating this if I remember correctly.

Hidden Truths

Hidden Truths is a two part piece of downloadable content consisting of two maps. In addition to the final six part DLC, this is the only other piece of DLC with meaningful story content related to the main game. If you played through the main game, you may have noticed that three characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening were present in Fates, except they had different names. This DLC explains why that happened. It also offers some narrative connection to the final six part DLC. If you need to purchase any DLC I’d recommend the final six part DLC first, and this second.

Vanguard Down

This is a short challenge map that offers a new class as a reward.

Anna on the Run

This is a short challenge map that offers the character, Anna, as a reward.

Ballistician Blitz

A challenge map that offers a new class. You can get this class from A Gift From Anna, except that you can get unlimited copies of it here.

A Gift from Anna

Unlike the prior pieces of DLC, this just gives you a new class changing item that you could’ve gotten from Ballistician Blitz and Witches’ Trial. There is no associated challenge map here. The class changing item can only be given once.

Witches’ Trial

A challenge map that offers a new class changing item. Like Ballistician Blitz, this map offers unlimited copies of this class changing item.

Another Gift From Anna

Another gift of free items. No challenge map here.

I: In Endless Dreams, II: Realms Collide, III: The Changing Tide, IV: Light’s Sacrifice, V: Endless Dawn, End: Lost in the Waves

This is the final, six part DLC that consists of six separate maps. If you want to buy one and only one piece of DLC, it’s this one. It offers a story consisting of the children of the characters from the main game and is the only other piece of meaningful story (other than the Hidden Truths DLC). This six part DLC offers a nice conclusion to the game, though the events are mostly unrelated to the main game.


Overall, most of the DLC released for Fire Emblem: Fates is unnecessary and a waste of money. The only two pieces of DLC that were meaningful were the two part DLC, Hidden Truths, and the final six part DLC. Before Awakening was also fun, but it was free and didn’t take long.

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