Movie Review: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

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Score: 6/10

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a film with an impressive cast. Which is why it is so disappointing that the film is so mediocre.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is about a world famous hitman who is going to testify against a former dictator. The dictator gets a bunch of his henchman to try and kill this hitman. It’s at this time that Interpol hires a world class bodyguard to get the hitman to court on time to testify.

The biggest problem in this film is lack of chemistry between the actors. None of the actors really mesh well with on another. This should’ve came up during a screen test. And it’s not for lack of effort. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson try the their best to have a rapport and to make this film a kind of buddy cop comedy. Unfortunately, they’re just too different and their banter mostly misses.

It doesn’t help that the writing and the plot are so bare bones that it feels like a whole portion of the movie is missing. In the story, Reynolds’ and Jackson’s characters are supposed to have this long history, except that the two barely talk about it and it’s just sprung on the audience that they already knew each other before the events of this movie. The whole story is structured weird and it feels like too little information is given in lieu of unremarkable banter between the protagonists.

The action is okay. The main thing that got to me is that Samuel L. Jackson is too old for his own stunts. In fact, his actual body is so different from his body double’s that it is too obvious that he’s doing none of his stunts. They wanted to make him look like a badass, but they kept making his character do these ridiculous stunts that test the audience’s belief in the movie. They should’ve just made him stick to cool shooting instead of the completely ridiculous stunt of jumping of roofs. It would’ve been a lot more believable this way.

Overall, the movie wasn’t great. It’s a good movie for when you’re stuck on an airplane, but not if you’re actually looking for something good to watch.

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