Movie Review: Extraction

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Score: 6.4/10

Extraction is an action movie starring Chris Hemsworth and premiered on Netflix. It’s okay. It tries to inject a little emotion into its John Wick-esque action, but mostly fails at that. What I enjoyed in this film is decently choreographed action and getting a good look at Bangladesh, where the film is mostly filmed.

The story is about an Indian kid who is kidnapped by a drug lord. Chris Hemsworth plays an Australian mercenary tasked to rescue him.

Most of the scenes are action scenes where Hemsworth kills a bunch of dudes. Now that we live in a post John Wick world, it seems that every action film is going for that style of gun based combat scene. That’s certainly true here and it is mostly enjoyable. They try to also include a lot of long shots where the camera follows the protagonist for a long period of time. It also mostly works, though you can sort of tell that they digitally cut together certain long shots because they would’ve been impossible to film otherwise.

Hemsworth’s performance is all right. In an action film, I care less about emotions and more about how well choreographed the action is and how the camera moves around it. The action is done well here. There are some scenes that try to portray how troubled Hemsworth’s character is, but they felt out of place to me. I would’ve rather they stick to the action and left out the drama. I can understand why they kept those scenes in though since they help break up the action scenes.

Overall, the movie was all right. Not the best action movie I’ve ever seen, but certainly not bad. I also appreciate that they shot it on location. This is one of those movies where the location is as much a major character as the human members of the cast. Dhaka is a visually interesting place that made this film somewhat unique in comparison to the other action films out there.

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