Movie Review: Speed

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Score: 7/10

Speed is one of the classic 1990’s action movies. It’s right up there with the Lethal Weapon sequels, the Die Hard sequels, The Fugitive all that stuff. Even today, it’s still a damn good action movie.

The premise is one of the most famous in action movie history. A bomb maker puts a bomb on a bus and demands millions of dollars in ransom. The twist is that if the bus drops below fifty miles per hour, it will explode. And so we hang out with Sandra Bullet and Keanu Reeves as they keep finding more and more speed related problems and try to keep the bus going above fifty miles per hour.

It’s one of the more original, clever, and yet hilariously action movie concepts. In addition to this novel core concept, the interaction between the characters is the biggest attraction of this film. It’s kind of a bottle episode in that these characters are trapped in this confined space and must deal with this problem together. We get to know all the passengers on the bus and there is also a great deal of character development between the characters.

The greatest amount of chemistry is between Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. These two really should’ve dated in real life because there’s just something so natural about their on screen chemistry.

Overall, this is a great action movie. Like all great action movies, there is a progression of action getting bigger and more dangerous as the movie goes on. By the end, the amount of property damage occurring in this movie must be in the hundreds of millions.

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