Manhwa Review: Kill the Hero

Details: Also known as 킬더히어로

Score: 6.8/10

Kill the Hero is one of the most derivative mahwas I’ve ever read. It cuts and pastes all the most popular tropes in the isekai genre into one story. Fortunately, the art is good enough to make me enjoy a wholly unoriginal story.

The story takes place in modern day Korea. Dungeons have started opening, monsters are pouring out of them, people have been awakening with special abilities and these special people have been forming guilds to fight these monsters. The protagonist is a high ranking in a guild of people with special abilities. After he is betrayed by his guild leader and killed, he wakes up at an earlier point in his life and commits himself to gaining power and getting revenge on the one who betrayed him.

It is an incredibly unoriginal story. Its pretty much a cut and paste of stories like Solo Leveling among other isekai type stories. There’s also the revenge plot line, the reincarnation… its just very average isekai.

The only saving grace of this story is the art. There’s a lot of action and the art is all pretty good. The art quality is comparable to Solo Leveling, though the story is not.

Overall, I’m probably going to keep reading this just for the art. Kill the Hero is a prime example of a comic that can survive purely on its art, no matter how unoriginal the story may be.


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