Manhwa Review: FFF-Class Trashero

Details: Also known as FFF급 관심용사

Score: 6.8/10

FFF-Class Trashero is a comedic comic that plays off many of the tropes of the overly used isekai genre. It was enjoyable, but intentionally annoying in some ways.

FFF-Class Hero focuses on a teenager who was transported to a fantasy world in order to defeat the demon king terrorizing the land. After he defeats the demon king, the deities of that world that transported him there find his performance lacking and reset the world back to the moment he entered it. Now he is tasked to defeat the demon king all over again and this time, he’s going to do it his way.

As I’ve mentioned before, isekai is a genre of media where a person is transported into another world, usually a fantasy world. Some common aspects of isekai are that the protagonist is stronger or more powerful than everyone else in the story. Reincarnation is common. Having the timeline reset so that you have full memory of future events is common. All these things are common and present here.

FFF-Class Trashero’s twist on the isekai genre is that the protagonist is an awful human being. This is mostly played for comedic effect, but the protagonist does some truly awful things. For instance, the first time he defeated the demon king he did so after killing his party that had traveled with him for years because he found them annoying. After the timeline is reset, he decides that he will avoid having them as party members and just flat out kill them this time. There’s a whole bunch more horrible things that border on hilarious to downright messed up.

What keeps the story light is the art. While the hero does some truly awful things, the art is very cartoon-y and not serious. It’s not a realistic art style.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. My primary complaint is that some characters are annoying, but it is clear the author is doing this on purpose. A major theme is that the protagonist is an evil guy who wants to kill all of his old friends because they are annoying. Accordingly, the author makes these characters super annoying by having them constantly chime in with stupidly annoying dialogue. I know that this is a gag, but it really is annoying and I wanted to stop reading a couple times because this gag just kept going on and on. Otherwise, this is a decent enough story that targets readers with some familiarity with the isekai genre.

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