Manhwa Review: God of Blackfield

Details: Also known as 갓모브불랙필드

Score: 7/10

Just about every single conceivable idea for the isekai genre has been done already. If you want to make a new one, you either need some great art or some new twist. God of Blackfield’s twist is that instead of the protagonist being reborn from modern times to fantasy world, the protagonist here is reborn from a present day soldier into a present day high school student.

God of Blackfield originally takes place in a war zone. The protagonist is a veteran French soldier known as the God of Blackfield for being one of the most dangerous soldiers in the platoon. During an operation gone wrong, the protagonist is betrayed and killed in action. He then wakes up in the body of a teenage Korean high school student. Now he must handle the trials and tribulations of that student’s life as well as the knowledge there is a traitor a world away that got all his old comrades killed.

The story is an interesting twist on the whole reincarnation trope. The whole story takes place in the present day and in the “real” world. So there aren’t any fantastical elements to the story except the reincarnation part. This is really just a high school drama story, except that the protagonist is a French military veteran. The story is good so far, but its still too early to see where the story is going.

The art is good. It’s not the best, but better than most Korean comics.

Overall, this is an interesting story and I’ll keep reading.

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