Musical Review: The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)

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Score: 8/10

I watched The Phantom of the Opera a while ago and to be honest, I barely remember anything about it. I remember the signature songs. I remember that I liked it. I also remember Sierra Boggess was amazing. I don’t remember much else. That’s why when this version of the show was released for free on Youtube, I decided to give it a watch. I found this show much more memorable than the other version I watched, largely because this was deliberately recorded version and the better camera angles and zoom ins really help. Watching a show in a theater means you can’t zoom in and see the actors expressions as well.

The Phantom of the Opera is a well known story. Deformed musical expert haunts and kills people in a theater and tries to force a singer to fall in love with him. Strangely enough, it seems like she does.

What’s great about this recording is the camera work. In a live theatrical production, the audience must use their own judgment to decide what to look it. We also can’t zoom in to actors faces or other things that require your attention. That’s why when I watched this, I found myself remembering more things. I remember how actors act or how certain stage effects played out (there are lots of cool explosions and pyrotechnics).

The music is as good as it always was. All I Ask of You, Music of the Night and other songs were all as memorable as always. Sierra Boggess really is one of the best Christine’s I’ve ever seen. Ramin Karmiloo is a fantastic Phantom and the quality of his voice and acting is a cut above other Phantom’s that I can remember.

The great thing about this version is at the end, they bring back old cast member and they all sing together for this big conclusion after the end of the show. It’s very nostalgic and shows the history and popularity of this show. Hearing these famous past leads sing their old songs in harmony is something else.

Overall, this was a fantastic performance of The Phantom of the Opera. You could even argue that it is the best version of the show given the size of the production, the technical aspects used, and the quality of its leads. I wouldn’t concur wholeheartedly though. Regardless, it’s a great version.

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