Manhwa Review: Dimensional Mercenary

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as Otherworld Mercenary or 이차원 용병

Score: 6.9/10

Dimensional Mercenary is a decent enough comic about a protagonist that goes to another world. I just wish it had better art.

Dimensional Mercenary takes place in modern day Korea. A young man is under a lot of financial pressure and his family is falling apart from it. While looking for job posts on the internet one day, he finds a post that asks him to sell his soul in exchange for money. The protagonist accepts and his transported to another world.

What’s different about this comic is that the protagonist is transported into different situations each time. The comic is currently ongoing so there’s still a lot of mystery about what’s actually going on, but the protagonist basically gets transported by his employer into the body of someone in another world who has sold his soul in exchange for a request. Now the protagonist is possessing the request maker, he must make the request happen. I’ve read a couple dozen issues and what’s nice is that he doesn’t stay in one world. The protagonist possesses multiple characters in multiple situations, which keeps the plot from getting stale.

The art isn’t the greatest, but the quality is enough. If the art is too lousy, I generally lose interest. This was just decent enough to keep me reading.

Overall, it’s an okay comic with okay art. The story does offer something slightly different from the other isekai stuff in that the protagonist hops from one persons life to another. I just wish the art was better. Reading this made me think of Kill the Hero, a comic that is incredibly derivative, but the higher quality of art saves the story. Here, the story is okay, but the art is lacking.

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