Manhwa Review: Overgeared

Details: Also known as 템빨

Score: 7.1/10

Overgeared is a web comic that is a remake of another web comic (that was poorly done and canceled) of a web novel of the same name. It’s still relatively new, but the art is fantastic and looks very similar to Solo Leveling, which is the best drawn Korean manhwa I’ve yet to read.

Overgeared takes place in Korea in the near future. A fantasy role playing game is the most popular virtual reality game in Korea and our protagonist is one of its players. After finding an item that turned him into one of the games unique classes, our protagonist now seeks to be the most powerful blacksmith in the game.

The premise is basically Sword Art Online to an extent, but without the life or death angle. This is just a game, except that players can somehow earn real world money through it.

The most noteworthy thing about this comic is the art. It’s some good stuff and very reminiscent of Solo Leveling. There is action, but the comic is still ongoing and only came out recently, so who knows how things will play out. The tone has been mostly comedic so far.

Overall, I will be sticking with this comic because the art is just that good. It doesn’t look to be as hardcore as Solo Leveling and that’s okay. There doesn’t always need to be a life or death angle to an isekai-type story. It can just be fun.

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