Manhwa Review: The Descent of the Demonic Master

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as 마존현세강림기

Score: 7/10

The Descent of the Demonic Master is yet another isekai manhwa. That means that generally, the protagonist gets reborn in a fantasy world. It’s pretty standard except in a few ways.

The twist in this comic is that the protagonist was reborn in a fantasy kung fu, wuxia world and dies in it, then gets reborn back into their old prior life. Now the protagonist seeks to live a normal life. Even this is pretty standard for the genre though as there are already many stories of protagonists coming back from the other world in order to live normal lives.

In these types of stories, there is usually some sort of secret organization. The protagonist remains over powered compared to the other characters in the story.

What’s different about this book is that it goes through normal, Korean life since the protagonist wants to be normal. We get to see a glimpse of what military service in Korea is like as the protagonist wants to be normal. In case you were unaware, all men in South Korea must serve a mandatory two years in military service. It was nice to see a slice of life in a story that isn’t normally explored in manhwa.

The art is pretty good.

Overall, I enjoyed this book because I am a sucker for isekai. If you like isekai stories, here’s another one for the pile.

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