Movie Review: Uncut Gems

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Score: 6/10

I had heard good things about this movie so I walked into expecting something special. What I found was Adam Sandler yelling belligerently at people for two hours.

Uncut Gems is about a scummy diamond dealer who owes money to some loan sharks due to his addiction to sports gambling. We follow this character through about two days as he tries to navigate between the loan sharks, gambling, jewel dealing and family drama.

I think my biggest issue with this movie is that the stereotype of the belligerent jew has been done to death. I’ve seen Mel Brook films among other comedies that repeatedly remind me they are about Jews. This film made me feel like I was watching two hours of Jerry Seinfeld’s parents (not his actual parents, his sitcom parents). It was annoying, stressful and made me want to turn the volume down, if not turn the movie off. I came to this movie expecting something new and instead got a same old belligerently loud Jewish stereotype that’s already been done to death.

The highlight of this film was the third Act, where everything comes to a head and the plot takes a turn from the predictable to the odd and irrational. I won’t spoil it, but it was a nice development.

Of note is how many famous people were in this movie, like Idina Menzel, The Weekend, and Kevin Garnet. They all mostly have prominent roles as well.

The standout role is Julia Fox, not for being a particularly good actor, but for being hot. I can easily see this role doing for her what The Wolf of Wall Street did for Margot Robbie or what Lost In Translation did for Scarlett Johansson. The point being that Robbie and Johansson were not particularly good actors in my opinion, they just got famous because they were pretty. I can see a similar trajectory for Julia Fox.

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible film, it was just such a pain to sit through. I know that it was deliberately annoying and Adam Sandler’s character portrayal was done on purpose, but it doesn’t really matter because an annoying movie is still an annoying movie. In this world where content is constantly being thrown at audiences, I don’t see why anyone would sit through this noisy movie in order to squeeze out some sense of enjoyment. If you feel the need to watch something indie and don’t mind your eardrums hurting, then I recommend this movie. Otherwise, I advise people just avoid watching The Water Boy yell at the camera for two hours.


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