Manhwa Review: Dungeon Reset

Details: Currently ongoing. Also known as 던전 리셋

Score: 6.8/10

Dungeon reset is yet another isekai manhwa with the twist being that the protagonist is stuck in the first level of a dungeon.

In this story, the protagonist is taken from the real world and finds himself in a dungeon along with a bunch of other people. They now face life threatening challenges in hope of defeating the dungeon and returning home. Unfortunately, the protagonist dies in the first level of this dungeon, but before he dies, the other players beat the dungeon and the dungeon resets for the next batch of players from the real world. Instead of dying, the protagonist lives but now exists as a glitch in the system who cannot pass to the next level. The protagonist must now find another way out and back home while building a comfortable life in this first level of the dungeon.

This comic is a comedy first, action-drama second. The dungeon is represented by a cute, evil bunny who is perpetually annoyed by how the protagonist refuses to die. The goal of the dungeon is to kill people, but somehow the protagonist continues to survive. As time goes on, the protagonist gains more skills and abilities, though they are odd skills since the protagonist has not talent in combat. Eventually, the protagonist becomes powerful, but not in the conventional way, and builds a relatively comfortable life in this first level of the dungeon.

The art is okay.

Overall, I enjoyed this story as I am a sucker of isekai and its nice to get a periodic comedic twist to the genre. It’s not wildly creative, but still fun to see plays on the genre and tropes.

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