TV Show Review: Star Trek: Picard

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Score: 6.8/10

Star Trek: Picard is pure fan service. It exists solely to appeal to the nostalgia of fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, of which there are many. In that regard, it does a great job. Unfortunately, the story in and of itself is derivative and full of plot holes and narrative leaps. There’s going to be some spoilers because I can’t talk about how this show disappointed me if I don’t reference these plot points.

Picard takes place decades after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard is retired to his vineyard, not really doing anything when an android girl shows up to his house and asks for help. Now, Picard must find the android girl’s sister in order to protect her from a galaxy that hate synthetic life.

I have a lot of complaints with this show so I figure I should just bullet point them.

  • The plot basically just copies the Mass Effect video games; there’s some evil, super advanced robots waiting outside the galaxy somewhere that want to come back and destroy all organic life.
  • There are a lot of really random field trips that don’t make sense, but exist solely to give us cameos from old Star Trek characters.
  • There are too many Deus Ex Machina moments like the magical tool that can fix anything you can imagine and a “golem” that someone can transfer their consciousness into.
  • The final episode felt like an idea dump that just dumped a bunch of Act 3 ideas onto the viewer with little to no explanation or set up.
  • There were some romances, they all felt random and awkward.

There are some more complaints, but these are a few.

The thing is, none of these things matter. Star Trek: Picard is pure fan service meant to club old Star Trek fans with nostalgia and it is great at it. Fans don’t care about a rational narrative. They just want to see the old cast members play their roles again. They want to see Commander Riker cracking jokes. They want to see Seven of Nine kick some butt. They want to see Captain Picard give some inspirational speech. Whether any of those things are adequately set up is irrelevant. Fans just want to relive moments that they remember enjoying in the past. Star Trek: Picard does a great job doing that.

Overall, as a Star Trek fan, I really enjoyed reliving some moments and seeing old Star Trek actors reprise their old roles. Unfortunately, the plot just felt disjointed, contrived and rushed. Too many random ideas that serve no narrative purpose other than to give Picard and the other cast members that cameoed an excuse to perform. Which I think is fine. I just wish they put some more effort into planning a well thought out science fiction story to go along with the nostalgia.

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