Comic Book Review: Punisher: Soviet

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Score: 7/10

Garth Ennis returns to The Punisher to tell a short, but adult story. It’s short, but exactly what you’d want from an Ennis-Punisher story.

The story focuses on The Punisher meeting a veteran from the Soviet Union and joining that veteran on his quest to punish a Russian mobster.

At this point, The Punisher is a straight forward character. Lots of stories have already been told about him to the point of exhaustion. The best use of the character at this point is simply as a lens to explore ancillary characters and their stories. That’s exactly what happens here.

What I really enjoyed about Ennis’ prior run on The Punisher was when he went into details that clearly required some thought and likely some research. Here, we get some insight into the Soviet Unions war in Afghanistan. I don’t know how true any of it was, but it was interesting to hear a story about Soviet war.

The art is fine.

Overall, this was a nice visit back to an Ennis-Punisher story. It’s adult enough, violent enough, and gore-y enough with a just the bit of bittersweet sadness you’d expect from Ennis and The Punisher.

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