Movie Review: Knives Out


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Score: 7/10

Knives Out is a very standard murder mystery with an incredibly famous cast.

A famous, wealthy writer has died and the family has assembled for the reading of the will. What seemed to be a suicide, now seems to be a murder and famous investigator Benoit Blanc is on the case.

The most noteworthy thing about this film is the cast. Just a few names to go down the list: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Michael Shannon. It’s a heavy hitting cast, which is really surprising considering how formulaic and average the story is.

It’s not a bad story, it just follows the cookie cutter formula of your standard murder mystery. A cast of characters are introduced among whom the killer is hiding. There are a few plot twists and eventually, there is a big reveal.

I think the biggest draw here is simply watching these well known actors perform. Each actor get a turn to shine with Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig getting the majority of the spotlight.

Overall, this was an entertaining enough movie. It is an oddity in that it had so many high profile names attached to such an ordinary film.

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