Movie Review: Frozen 2

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Score: 6.4/10

No matter what Frozen 2 was going to be about, it was clear that it was going to be a massive success. Frozen 2 is a good children’s movie. It just doesn’t have any of the complexity or depth of emotion as in movies like Up, Coco, How to Train Your Dragon, and even Zootopia.

Frozen 2 picks up some time after the first movie. Things are going great for the gang when a mysterious new danger threatens the kingdom. Now, the gang must travel north to discover the truth behind what threatens them all.

The story is pretty bare. It’s an average kids story with very little nuance. We live in a post Pixar world, where movies can penetrate deep into the hearts of adults as well as children. In this new world, I simply desire more from my animated movies. Up made me cry. Zootopia tried to tackle the ideas of race and discrimination using animals as a metaphor. Where Frozen could be considered to be somewhat feminist and an advocate of “girl power,” Frozen 2 is a just straightforward children’s entertainment with no real emotion or commentary on nuanced subjects.

Even still, the story is okay. The big reveal in the plot was mostly empty for me. The songs were jarring in that I didn’t really feel like there was a need for any of them. Normally, characters break into song during moments of heightened emotion in order to express an idea or feeling that would be disserviced if delivered through plain spoken word. Here, the songs were mostly used for emotionally platonic moments. The exception being Elsa’s big song in the second half of the movie and Kristoff’s song (which is more comedic than dramatic).

Visually, the movie is amazing. There are some visuals here that made me question whether I was watching animation or live action. There are some beautiful, artistic visuals throughout the whole movie. You can really tell they threw their budget at this thing.

Overall, the movie is fine and perfect for young children. No complex subject matter or anything like that. The music may not appeal to most adults, but I’m sure kids will like it. If you liked Frozen, you’ll also like Frozen 2.

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