Movie Review: Jumanji: The Next Level

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Score: 6.8/10

This movie is what happens when you take a gamble on a franchise and it somehow pays off. I imagine Pirates of the Caribbean also sort of started this way. This franchise was just a lucky guess, and not we’re probably going to get like five more Jumanji’s because of just how financially successful this thing is.

If you didn’t already know, Jumanji is based of a children’s book of the same name. They made a movie of it years ago with Robin Williams. Then a few years back they made a modernized one starring The Rock, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

In this modernized version, Jumanji is a supernatural video game that sucks players into the ultra dangerous world of Jumanji. This is a dense jungle filled with dangerous animals, traps and people. The players are given an objective and must travel throughout this dangerous, magical world in order to beat the game and return back to the real world.

In the prior movie (this one is a sequel) a bunch of high school kids got sucked in by accident and had to fight their way out. In this movie, one of the kids somehow gets sucked back into Jumanji and the other friends decide to go in to save him.

The main draw, as in the last movie, is the cast. The cast is fun, charismatic, and funny. They carry the movie and the premise and it’s very entertaining watching actors like The Rock portray an elderly Danny DeVito or Kevin Hart portray an old Danny Glover. The new addition to the cast is Awkwafina and she’s all right. She also get to act like Danny DeVito.

There are tons of set piece scenes and action. These are all great looking scenes and entertaining.

Overall, this was a fun children’s movie. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and just tries to entertain its audience.

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