Restaurant Review: Daxi Sichuan

Details: Located at 136-20 Roosevelt Avenue #2R, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Daxi Sichuan is a very fancy, reputable and relatively expensive Sichuan restaurant. I enjoyed this place, though some of the food was really spicy and pricey.

I came here with a large party so we ordered a bunch of things. We had two orders of the Tibet style pork ribs, the tibet style lamb with brown sugar rice cake, string beans, string beans with egg plant, a dish with a bunch of thousand year old eggs, a dish with egg custard and shrimp, a fried rice dish that came in a pig pot/kettle, a spicy chicken dish that came in a shovel, pork belly wrapped around cucumber (I think…), and about eleven bowls of rice.

I list all these things because I can’t remember the prices and the menu shown on their official sites and Yelp page are not accurate as they have new menus. We divided the bill ten ways and it came out to about $32.00 per person, including tax and tip, so the total paid was around $320.

The thing with the pricing is that there are two prices listed on the menu. One for those with membership and one for those without. We asked about membership and they said there are different tiers you can purchase. One such tier cost around $100 in exchange for paying the membership price for dishes and three free cold appetizers. It didn’t seem worth it to us since we didn’t plan on eating here regularly. The difference in price for members is that everything is a few dollars cheaper. It was probably about a 5% discount for each dish.

The food was hit or miss. Most of the stuff was pretty good. The most famous dishes were the Tibetan ribs (it famously comes in a bird cage, though ours just came on a plate) and the Tibetan lamb. The ribs were okay, though lacking in meat a little. The Tibetan style lamb was easily the spiciest things on the table. Otherwise, it was also fine.

The only thing I will advise you to avoid is the spicy chicken that comes on a shovel. It is practically inedible. There are simply too many small bones sprinkled throughout the dish that you can never chew too hard for fear of cracking a tooth on a partially shattered chicken bone. It’s like eating a very bony fish, but worse. Avoid that crap dish.

The interior is pretty magnificent. I would definitely bring guests here just to look at the interior.

Service was great. We had a large party and made a lot of stupid requests. They obliged with all of them. They also spoke fairly fluent English, which was nice.

Overall, this place was good. It’s a cool place to bring friends if you want to impress them. This applies to Chinese friends and non-Chinese friends. It’s got enough going on to entertain everyone.

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