Video Game Review: ABZU

Details: Played on PC and beat it in about two hours. Official site is

Score: 7/10

ABZU was the right game for the right moment. I got ABZU for free from Epic Games Store a while back and decided to give it a shot. I was a little restless and stressed at the time and was just looking for a simple game to calm down and relax a little. ABZU was the perfect game for that.

ABZU doesn’t really have a plot. It has some hints of some greater background story in the art work and level design, but otherwise, it’s just gameplay in this game.

There are a class of games known as “walking simulators.” ABZU is a swimming simulator. You control a character who can swim and you swim through picturesque and fantastical undersea environments filled with sea creatures from real life. It’s a really magical experience that invoked a sense of thalassophobia and wonder at the same time.

There’s no combat or dying or anything like that. You simply and peacefully swim through environments to reach the end point of that level. There are some light puzzles, but they are very light. The main point of the game is to enjoy swimming in these environments and along these real sea creatures.

In addition to the environments and the sea creatures, the next most impressive thing about the game is the soundtrack. This game has some amazing music that perfectly fits the game and sets the atmosphere. Without such an impressive soundtrack, I’d imagine this game would fall flat.

Overall, this was a fun, short game that perfectly satisfied the mood that I was in. It’s short experience, but I think that is necessary for this genre of game. It’s an easy recommendation for those who like sea life and want to go for a relaxing swim to some very well orchestrated music.

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