Manhwa Review: Sword Sheath’s Child

Details: Also known as 칼집의 아이. Only a few issues are out and the series is ongoing.

Score: 7.2/10

The art is amazing in this comic. It is likely the best draw Korean manga (above Solo Leveling) and rivals if not surpasses many Western comic books (Marvel and DC). What makes this more impressive is that this is a web comic, which means this art is produced and released far more frequently than Western comic books are capable of.

The story is still early, but it takes place in a fantasy world similar to what you’d expect from Chinese Wuxia stories. However, the fantasy elements go further than Wuxia and likely take heavier influence from Korean mythology than Chinese. So far, we follow a young boy with great, hidden power and we’ve been introduced to different demon sect and their leaders.

Even only a few issues in, I’m sold. The art alone has sold me. It’s amazing. The story is fantastical and exactly the kind of thing I’d want from the genre.

There’s not much else to say except that I will be reading this for the foreseeable future. I recommend anyone who enjoys Asian oriented fantasy stories to read this because it is good.

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