Restaurant Review: Malay Restaurant

Details: Located at 135-17 40 Rd, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Malay Restaurant is likely the best Malaysian restaurant in terms of quality of food and price. The only thing this place lacks is a comfortable interior. It’s slightly more comfortable (it’s better lit) than New Curry Leaves, but less comfortable than PappaRich. They also take credit card here, which is nice.

We ordered the roti canai (about four dollars), the mixed satay (a little under eight dollars), the beef rendang over rice (a little under nine dollars), and the Nasi Lemak (which cost a little under seven dollars). Everything was great. The  beef rendang was really soft, but had plenty of spice and coconut flavor.

Service was pretty good.

They sat us near the kitchen and waiters kept bumping into my chair. Not much I could do about it because this is a cramped space with few seats. If I didn’t take this table, then we probably would have had to wait for another twenty minutes.

Overall, a good Malaysian restaurant that I would come back to. It is probably wiser to get takeout rather than eat here because it is so cramped.

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