Movie Review: Bad Boys For Life

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Score: 6.7/10

Bad Boys For Life is pretty much the same movie as the last two Bad Boys movies. It’s got the same humor and the same type of action. The only real difference is that the protagonist are old.

Mike and Marcus are now old cops when an assassin from the drug cartels starts killing people. Now they got to track the assassin down and figure out the mystery behind him.

It’s a bare bones plot that is as predictable and uncreative as you’d expect from this type of movie. Michael Bay would be proud.

But you don’t watch a Bad Boys movie for the story. You watch it for the jokes and the action and the jokes are there. It’s a funny movie and a lot of the chemistry Will Smith and Martin Lawrence had is still present. The action is also good, but as you’d expect of aging actors, there’s far less action involving Smith and Lawrence and a lot more creative editing.

There are a bunch of new additions (like Vanessa Hudgens) and they also brought back a lot of old faces (like Reggie from the scene where they intimidate the daughter’s boyfriend) from the prior movies as well . Both are appreciated and add a lot to the movie.

Overall, this was a fun, mindless action movie. If you liked the last two movies that came out years ago, you’ll like this.

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