Bubble Tea Review: Xing Fu Tang

Details: Located at 40-52 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is https://www.usaxingfutang.com/

Score: 7/10

Xing Fu Tang is the newest, most popular bubble tea spot in Flushing. It took all the lines from Tiger Sugar and added them to its own line.

The menu here is pretty interesting. They have about twelve items only and each of them are unique looking. They have one with gold foil in it, although it is perpetually sold out.

The store itself is visually appealing. It’s located in a convenient location located on the corner of the street. The windows are large and they go through an needlessly elaborate process of making tapioca in front of the window for all to see. I will admit that this does a great job of attracting onlookers who then want to buy some of their bubble tea.

I ordered the brown sugar boba milk, which cost about $6.50 if you get it cold. I must say that it is probably the best tasting bubble tea in Flushing, though only slightly. It’s something about the sugar. Whatever brown sugar they’re using just tastes better than other places. The tapioca is not as good as YiFang because YiFang goes out of their way to make sure the tapioca is hot.

Overall, the bubble tea is pretty good. The serving size is smaller than average and the cost is slightly higher as well. Still, the taste of the sugar and the tea is slightly better than all the rest in Flushing.

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