Manga Review: We Never Learn

The above is a trailer for the show. This is a review for the manga.

Details: The manga is currently ongoing. More information can be found at

Score: 6.4/10

We Never Learn is a standard, high school, harem, romantic comedy that fulfills all the tropes of the genre.

The story is about Nariyuki, a poor high school students hoping to ace his college entrance exams in hopes of a better life. He studies all day and does well in school until the principal tasks him tutoring two clueless students in exchange for some academic benefits. Those two students become the first of many that join his harem of romantic interests. Expect perverted/ecchi stuff to happen.

This show reminded me a lot of Love Hina, among other comics from this genre. It’s got all the most appealing aspects of this genre in spades. You have your perverted “accidents.” The girls always somehow ended undressed in some ridiculous situation. That’s usually enough to get sexually deprived fans in the door.

Then you get to the trope that keep you invested in the genre, which is the heart. All the characters are nice people going through some sad stuff and it’s nice to watch them overcome it.

The last big trope that draws fans is the “shipping.” People love matchmaking characters into romantic relationships with other characters. As is often the case in harem shows, our protagonist is surrounded by potential love interests and often gets into accidental romantic/perverted situations with them. Also like in other harem shows, all the girls love him and the show will end when he eventually picks one.

Overall, it’s all pretty cookie cutter for the genre. If you’re a sucker for the genre, you will enjoy this. As someone who has watched other shows just like this, I found the romance and drama repetitive and boring. I did enjoy the jokes though. The art is also decent and cute.

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