Manhwa Review: Survival Story of A Sword King In a Fantasy World

Details: Read about twenty chapters. Also known as 이계 검왕 생존기

Score: 7/10

Survival Story of A Sword King In a Fantasy World is essentially One Punch Man mixed with the isekai genre. Some spoilers ahead.

The story is pretty standard in the beginning. Guy gets transported to a fantasy world governed by video game rules. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and he gets stuck in a purgatory-like place. He’s stuck killing the same enemies for years before eventually being transferred to an actual fantasy world, becoming overpowered compared to everyone else in the fantasy world.

What separates this comic from other comics is mainly how it plays with isekai genre tropes. The protagonist is over powered, but he’s overpowered because he was stuck in purgatory and develops a great appreciation for life after being stuck their alone for so long.

It’s also mostly a comedy, which is nice. I’ve got no problem retreading familiar stories as long as the jokes are good. The jokes are mostly good here.

The art is also decent. It’s no Solo Leveling, but it’s still good for the subject matter.

Overall, if you are a fan of the isekai genre, this is yet another fun comic to read.

One thought on “Manhwa Review: Survival Story of A Sword King In a Fantasy World

  1. drakiesan April 1, 2020 / 3:07 am

    It’s stupid. It’s like something is missing. The MC is so indecisive cuckoldish trash it’s almost impossible to like him. He is OP as fk but he has weak will, heart and is boring to hell. It’s weaker soup of already bad One Punch Man. It has mediocre art, pacing is slow, there is almost no progress with him. Do not waste time on this manhwa. Fights are extremely boring, enemies will flunk him around a little bit (just for the sake of lengthnening of fight) then he kills them in one hit. (PS.: He has almost no control over his strenght, so when MC attacks it’s always creat mass destruction)


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