Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

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Score: 6/10

The Diamond Casino Heist is the latest addition to the ongoing Grand Theft Auto Online game. It’s impressive that despite its age, Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong. I’m more impressed by how the visuals still hold up despite this game coming out years ago.

The Diamond Casino Heist is another heist in which you have to rob a casino. Heists were the best part of Grand Theft Auto V so I’m glad their still adding more to it. Included in this DLC is a bunch of new items that (surprise surprise) you will need to use in game currency to purchase, and in game currency can be purchased with real world currency.

This heist is unique in that there are three phases of multiple prep missions and one, instanced big heist in the end. That means that other players can mess with you at every part of the heist except for the last part. This is extremely annoying and what makes this heist the worst heist put out so far.

There are also too many prep heists. You don’t have to do all of them, but they help in the final heist. Moreover, these prep heists should be fun in their own right. Unfortunately, they’re mostly boring, repetitive, and annoying since they aren’t instanced and other players can kill you right in the middle of them.

Overall, this heist is fine since its free, but it is one of more annoying ones released. It’s also much longer to accomplish compared to the other heists and the payout is less, so I don’t see people grinding out money on this heist.

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