Restaurant Review: Osamil

Details: Located at 5 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. Official site is

Score: 7.6/10

I came here with some friends for New Years and was very impressed. This place is great, as is the sort of hidden bar/speakeasy upstairs.

We first had dinner downstairs where I got the Osamil burger (cost around $20 I think) with some wings (they have a Tuesday special where it’s a dollar per wing, though you can only order six at a time). Both were good.

The interior of their restaurant area is very nice. There are booths and there are tables with stools. Generally, I hate restaurants that use stools or any kind of backless seating. It was a still a large, well decorated space.

After dinner, we went up a flight of rough looking stairs to a very well designed bar. There’s a bar area, and a seating area with a bunch of comfortable couches. It was great.

I ordered the Magical Island (I wanted something tropical…cost about fifteen dollars), which was around fifteen dollars. It was a surprisingly strong drink, which is good because the opposite is a watery drink that rips you off. A friend of mine didn’t drink and they made her off menu mocktails, which was nice.

Service upstairs and downstairs was great. Everyone was really attentive.

Overall, this place was great and an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a modern, Korean restaurant to eat at or celebrate.

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