Video Game Review: Pokemon Black 2

Details: Played for about thirty hours. More information can be found at

Score: 6.9/10

Pokemon Black and White 2 are essentially slight upgrades or patched version of Pokemon Black. Officially, they are called sequels because the story in these games picks up two years after Pokemon Black and White. However, this game feels as if they simply cut and pasted assets from the previous game while adding just enough to justify a full priced game.

If you aren’t familiar with the franchise, each new entry in the Pokemon franchise is followed by another Pokemon game that barely adds anything new to it. It fixes bugs, adds a few new story elements and visuals, but mostly reuses the same assets they used in the prior game. It’s a sneaky way to charge full price for a video game that is mostly similar or the same as the previous game. They advertise these as sequels, but it’s just more of the same. Black and White 2 is this type of game.

The story in this game picks up two years after the previous game. As usual, you are a kid just starting his Pokemon journey. You must defeat eight gyms and eventually challenge the Elite Four and become Pokemon Champion. Along the way, you must defeat the evil Team Plasma who has reformed after their defeat in the previous game.

The story is okay. It’s about the same as the last Pokemon game.

Gameplay is the same turn-based crap that it’s always been. You catch Pokemon. They take turns hitting each other. It has not been improved on in any way. I hate the combat, and yet I still enjoyed this game. I think it’s a combination of nostalgia and habit. I’ve played so many Pokemon games I’m just comfortable playing even more of them.

Visuals are the same as last game. So it average considering this is a Nintendo DS game.

Audio is similar to the last game as well. What’s interesting in this game is that there is some slight voice work used for a few songs in the game. I appreciated that.

Overall, it’s hard not to feel exploited playing this game. It’s mostly the same. I’m playing this game decades after its release so I don’t feel bad, but I just wonder how many suckers purchased Black and White and then purchased Black and White 2 at full price. This game is a cash grab. The saddest thing is that the most recent iteration of Pokemon (Sword and Shield) will likely continue this trend of releasing a sequel that is slightly upgraded/fixed, and suckers will continue to line up to buy it. Pokemon fans will likely continue to vote with their money for the franchise to stagnate rather than innovate and progress.

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