Anime Movie Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

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Score: 7/10

The original Code Geass anime series was something I enjoyed. It combined political drama, high school drama, romantic drama, robot/mech action and supernatural super powers. So when I heard they were making movies for the show, I was excited. After watching this movie, I’m still excited and looking forward to whatever future series or movies that will spin off from this film.

Code Geass takes place in the near future of a world similar to ours, except militaries use mechs for fighting. There is also a thing called a Geass, which is basically a superpower that is very rarely granted to single person. The story centers on Lelouch, former royalty and a political refugee who is granted the power to control minds. Lelouch is also a strategic genius and our story follows him as he tries to defeat his enemies and take over the world.

Lelouch of the Resurrection is the third and final film in the Code Geass films. The first two films sought to summarize and retell the events of the television series. There were some changes though, mainly that some of the important characters that died in the show survive in the movies. This third movie continues that trend and resurrects Lelouch, who died in the last film and in the show. This movie is entirely new content and explores what happens now that Lelouch ain’t dead.

The story is about as wild as the show, except it’s really condensed. The show took time to build up to plot points and reveals. There isn’t enough run time here for that build up, so you get a small sampling of what made the show great. You get some action, some drama, some military strategy and some superpowers. It all moves very quickly though.

The makers of this movie have said this is an alternate universe. In the show, Lelouch dies and doesn’t come back. Here, Lelouch is back and it’s interesting to see how people respond. Most disconcerting is how quickly people get over it and start following order again. However, this is a movie and there isn’t enough run time to dwell on feelings.

The animation is top notch. The characters are oddly skinny, but that is the style of this show.

Voice acting is great. Lelouch is this over dramatic jerk and and its fun watching his machinations.

Overall, this was a fun movie and a nostalgic return tot he franchise. If you liked the original series, this is an easy recommendation. If you are not a fan, you need to watch either the prior two movies or the show before watching this as it won’t make any sense.

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