TV Show Review: The Witcher


Score: 7.2/10

I think the primary target demographic of this show is clearly the people who’ve read the book and, moreover, those who played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For those who read the book, they get to see those stories brought to life. For those who played the video game, this series serves as a prequel to the games. If you are not one of these two types of people, your enjoyment of this series may vary.

The Witcher takes place in fantasy world. It’s a medieval world inhabited by monsters and magic. Our protagonist is Geralt, a Witcher. Witcher are basically mutated monster hunters. They go around the land hunting monsters for money. Through a series of events, Geralt somehow gets involved with a child named Ciri and their relationship will have consequences for the entire world… at least that’s what many characters in the show say.

This first season was eight episodes and ends on a cliffhanger. I played Wild Hunt and dabbled in the books so I had some idea what was going on. If you know nothing about this franchise, I think you’re going to be somewhat lost. There’s a lot of information thrown at the viewer and it’s tough to keep track of all the new information.

Compounding onto that is the structure of the show. The show is not told in chronological order for artistic reasons. I’m not sure that works to the shows benefit, but it is something different I guess.

The action is well choreographed and bloody. This is an adult show and there is much gore. There is also a lot of nudity.

The acting was fine. I think what was most interesting was that Henry Cavill really channeled the video game’s portrayal of Geralt, which was fine and familiar to me. I think if you aren’t familiar with the video game, Cavill’s performance will be a bit odd.

Overall, this was an entertaining show that told some stories in the Witcher franchise that I was unfamiliar with. To that extent, I really appreciate the show. I loved the games and the stories in them and it’s nice to get some backstory to flesh them out even more.

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