Restaurant Review: Hunan Manor

Details: Located at 339 Lexington Ave #0991, New York, NY 10016. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Hunan Manor is a Chinese restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I thought this was a Chinese takeout place, and while they do do that, this is actually a decent sit in Chinese restaurant. Lots of people come here and from what I saw, the food here is pretty damn good.

I came here for the Chinese takeout though and got the General Tso’s chicken lunch special which came with fried rice and a really tiny egg roll (or soup). It cost a little over ten dollars.

Most Chinese takeout I get is trash. It’s relatively cheap and fast. I get it for that reason. However, the quality of the Chinese takeout here was noticeably better than the normal trash I get. The chicken was fried well and evenly. The chicken pieces were well sized and good quality pieces of white meat. This is still Chinese takeout, but the quality of the Chinese takeout here is slightly better than average.

Overall, this place is pretty good, especially considering that it is one of the few sit down Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. If you want some decent Chinese food in midtown east (that means actual Chinese food, not Chinese takeout trash), then this is probably the place you should go.

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