TV Show Review: The Mandalorian

Details: Watched six episode so far. More information can be found at and

Score: 7.8/10

The Mandalorian is everything that I want from a “Star Wars” show. It is easily the best Star Wars property that has come out since Disney acquired the franchise from George Lucas. No spoilers ahead.

The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter and his adventures that take place in the Star Wars universe.

The first thing I love about this show is the tone. This is very reminiscent of the spaghetti westerns and their progenitor, old Kurosawa samurai movies. The protagonist is very much this nameless tough guy wandering the land. In fact, a main character introduced and who remains with the protagonist is reminiscent of an often retold samurai story trope. I love this genre and this is the perfect tone for this show.

Another thing I love is that this story is inseparably a part of the Star Wars universe, but takes place far away from the events of anything that came before. It has nothing to do with the mess of the new trilogy. It doesn’t really even have anything to do with any of the prior movies. It is it’s own contained story. With that said, there are constant references to past films. There is tons of fan service, but this is fan service done right. The primary story is still its own story; it is the main course. The fan service and references are simply seasoning.

The last thing I loved about this show is simply the budget. The visuals and special effects are amazing for a television show. I read somewhere that each episode cost around fifteen million dollars to make. That is a lot of money for a tv show, but it pays off. The show looks great.

Overall, The Mandalorian is the type of Star Wars story that I hoped to see when I heard that Disney bought the franchise. It tells a new story while fleshing out the details and gaps left out by the old story. It is fan service, while still primarily telling its own story. The Mandalorian is great and is must-watch television for any Star Wars fan.

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