Comic Book Review: Batman: Last Knight on Earth

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Score: 6/10

Batman: Last Knight on Earth is not very good. It’s basically a worse copy of what Mark Millar did with Old Man Logan, except with Batman.

Last Knight on Earth takes place in a post apocalyptic DC universe where the heroes died and the bad guys won (sounds like an Old Man Logan rip off, I know). A young Bruce Wayne wakes up in this brave new world and must now survive in it.

I think the biggest weakness with this book is the pacing. You can feel that this was meant to be ten or so issues long, but somehow ended up with just three issues. Scenes that should have been illustrated instead are just described in block text. I guess they just ran out of time and forced Snyder to just shorten the thing down.

The story would’ve been just fine if they let them flesh out the story. The biggest draw of Millar’s Old Man Logan was that we actually went around to look at this post apocalyptic world. Old Man Logan was essentially a messed road trip where we learned how all of our favorite heroes died and how all our most hated villains retired. You get barely any of that here. There just aren’t enough issues.

Overall, this was a rushed mess that accomplishes very little. It fails as an ending to Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman. It fails as a satisfying what-if story.

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