Video Game Review: Pokemon SoulSilver

Details: Played for about thirty hours. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

Pokemon SoulSilver was surprisingly enjoyable to me, especially considering that I did not enjoy Platinum. The game came out in 2009 and feels like a game that took everything the franchise had accomplished up until that time and mushed it all into one game. It is (at least in 2009) a complete representation of what the Pokemon franchise was at that point.

HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of the original Pokemon Gold and Silver. The story is the same as in any other Pokemon game. You play as a child who just received their first Pokemon. You must now travel the world in hopes of becoming the Pokemon champion while also catching as many Pokemon as you can find.

The biggest difference in this game versus the others is that there are two regions included. You start in Johto and later get access to Kanto, which is the region where the original Pokemon Red and Blue took place. What’s most interesting is that the story in this game takes place like a decade or so after the events of Pokemon Red and Blue, and after each Pokemon game that came before this one was released. That means cameos from characters that appeared in past games.

The gameplay is the same as always. You take turns attacking and healing until the enemy is defeated. You also get to run around and catch Pokemon. Random encounters are still a thing at this point and they still suck. However, this game is superior to Sword and Shield in that all the Pokemon that were released up until this game are included and playable through catching or trading. Sword and Shield really sucks for not including all prior Pokemon. Pokemon is the most profitable media franchise of all time. They could afford to include past Pokemon. They just chose not too because money.

Visually, the game is blocky and pixelated obviously. The game was released for the Nintendo DS and is old. It still looks pretty good considering its age.

The music is still pretty great. You could classify it as vintage electronic if you want. It’s just old though.

Overall, this game was fun. I didn’t enjoy Platinum so I though I’d hate this. I did not. The pacing is still a bit slow, but something about the nostalgia I got from seeing old characters really helped me enjoy the game.

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