Fast Food Review: The Impossible Whopper

Details: More information can be found at

Score: 6/10

I was looking through the Burger King app and saw they had a deal where you can get an Impossible Whopper and a regular Whopper for seven dollars. I decided to take the taste test.

For those not in the know, Impossible meat is a brand of fake meat for vegans and vegetarians. It’s most notable quality is that it bleeds and browns like real meat. It also has a similar texture to real meat. According to the advertising, Impossible meat is mostly wheat and the meat like qualities of the fake meat come from the roots of plants and the hemoglobin in those roots. All this is to say that it has a lot of similar qualities to real meat.

Here’s the thing, fast food burgers normally sucks. When I eat fast food I am not entirely sure I am eating meat. Fast food burgers may as well be made of minced card board. I wouldn’t know. So the Impossible burger and Impossible fake meat is perfect for fast food restaurants since it tastes like a mediocre to sub par hamburger. The original Whopper tastes like a mediocre to sub par hamburger.

What really helps are the condiments. The Whopper has ketchup mayo, lettuce, tomato and onions, all of which help cover up the lousy quality of their beef. Those same condiments also helps cover up the falseness of the Impossible meat.

Overall, it was an all right burger that is hard to distinguish from your average fast food burger. With that said, Impossible burgers cannot hope to compete against higher quality burgers. It cannot compete with a Shake Shack, a Five Guys, or an In & Out Burger, much less a Peter Luger’s burger or a burger from Tetsu.

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