Supermarket Review: DC Flushing Market

Details: Located at 133-54 41st Ave, Flushing, NY 11355.

Score: 7/10

This really isn’t a review of this place as a supermarket, but as a lunch spot. This place serves something known as “four dishes, one soup,” a cafeteria style meal format popular among Chinese businesses.

So in the back of the supermarket, there’s a place that serves hot lunch. They have Cantonese barbecue here, but they also have around twenty hot dishes that they make every day. These dishes do not get changed often, so it’s the same items every day. You can either order four dishes and one soup with rice for around five dollars or three dishes and one soup with rice for less.

There are a few four dish one soup places around Flushing, but this place has become my definitive go to place because of the price versus quality. The quality of the food is pretty good and better than the other places. The dish options they provide also taste better. The price is also lower as the other place price around seven dollars where this place prices around five.

Overall, this place is my go to place for a cheap lunch that has all the nutrition and variety you want or need. If you want a cheap lunch with a large enough portion size that could last you all day, this is the place. It is the best four dish one soup place in Flushing in my opinion. The only thing I would caution is the people. The place is cramped and the majority of people here are older, Chinese immigrants. Prepare to be shoved/pushed by people with no sense of courtesy or etiquette.

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