Bubble Tea Review: Tsaocaa

Details: Located at 3804 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is http://www.tsaocaatea.com/

Score: 6.8/10

Tsaocaa is yet another bubble tea place that opened recently. I feel like there were at least seven or eight places that opened this last month. I feel like the main thing each place is offering is a different style of interior decorating and space where you can drink your tea.

I ordered the Brown Sugar Milk black tea for about five dollars. It wasn’t bad, but I think it ranks near the bottom of brown sugar milk tea drinks I’ve had in Flushing. Yifang and Tiger Sugar are the top tier of brown sugar milk drinks in Flushing, with Yifang being the likely best.

The space is comfortable and stylish. If I were to rank the best spaces in downtown Flushing in which to drink bubble tea, Mtea would be the best place because of the style and the huge space it inhabits. Motea Garden is somewhat tied with this place, though this place is slightly better because Motea Garden is a bit old and the furniture is showing some wear and tear. Tsaocaa’s furniture is brand new since it just opened.

Overall, this place has okay tea, but a really comfortable, stylish environment in which to hang out in. Unfortunately, like most of these new bubble tea places, they don’t seem to understand that for a bubble tea business to survive, you need to minimize costs and maximize profits. That’s why the bubble tea places that endure for over a year tend to be small places that serve a relatively decent quality of drinks. Bubble tea places that take up large spaces tend to die out within the course of a year, likely due to the high cost of rent. I foresee this place going that way in a year or so. Same with the other large spaced places like Mtea.

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