Bubble Tea Review: Mtea


Details: Located at 36-56 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354. An unclaimed Yelp page can be found at https://www.yelp.com/biz/mtea-queens

Score: 7/10

Mtea is yet another new bubble tea place that opened recently. What separates this place from other bubble tea places is that their space is massive and very… pink. But in a good way.

Most bubble tea places, at least those that survive financially, are usually small stalls that sell bubble tea for as high a price as they can get away with. The idea is as little expense (or rent in this case) as possible. Mtea seems to say f*** that and just rented and redecorated the largest space they could find.

I mean the whole thing is tastefully… pink. It is admittedly a very cool place to hang out. The space is also not cramped. There are a few seats, all spread out so that it really feels roomy. There’s even an upstairs area with more stylish seating. I love the space.

As for the tea, the ordinary, regular stuff is priced in the same five dollar-ish range as the other competing bubble tea places. There are a few items that lang closer to eight or nine dollars, but most items range around five to seven dollars.

I ordered the cherry blossom oolong tea with foam. Pretty good, but the serving size was a bit small.

Overall, this place is great for the sole reason of its environment. This is definitely a place you want to buy a bubble tea and hang out in. If you just want to grab a tea and go, there are countless competing businesses to choose from. If you want a cool, comfortable place to hang out while drink your tea, this is currently the best bubble tea place to do that.

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