Food Stall Review: Happy Wheelie

Details: Located in the small mall at 136-21 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354. A claimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 7/10

This place is just a small food stall that sells these sweet, dessert cakes filled with some sweet fillings. It’s pretty damn good actually and delicious when eaten hot and freshly made, which they always are since they are made to order. All items on the menu are priced two for $5.

A wheel cake is basically a toasted, filled pancake made from batter that is a lot like that used for Hong Kong style egg waffles. Fillings are your standard Chinese dessert flavors like red bean or black sesame.

I ordered a taro and cream filled one and a black sesame and cream filled one. Both were great. I think the important thing to remember is just to order something with cream in it. The cream they use is delicious.

Overall, this place is great, fast and cheap. Well it’s relatively fast since it takes about ten minutes to make one cake. Even still, this is a fun little place to get something sweet to eat.

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