Restaurant Review: Angkor Cambodian Bistro


Details: Located at 408 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065. Official site is

Score: 7.5/10

This place was surprisingly good. The food was good. The service was amazing. The environment was clean, comfortable and stylish. I have no complaints for this place.

Cambodian food is a lot like most southeast Asian food. It’s got some sweet, it’s got some spicy, and it’s got some curries. If anything, Cambodian food is only slightly sweeter and less spicy than other foods from southeast Asia.

I ordered the Loc Lac (stir-fried beef with a side of lime black pepper dipping
sauce,on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato,served with rice; cost $26). I also ordered the old fashioned pudding ($6).

The beef was super tender and flavorful. The lemon pepper sauce was mostly unnecessary. My friends ordered a dish with curry shrimp and some kind of baked fish with curry on top that came in a basket. It was all really good. I don’t recommend the old fashioned pudding though. It had corn and was at best, average tasting.

Service as freaking amazing. Usually, when I go to an Asian restaurant, I’m expecting almost no one to speak English or at least for it to not be their first language. Everyone here spoke English fluently. Furthermore, the breadth of knowledge the waiters had about food in general. There was this one guy who was trying to describe dishes on the menu to a mostly white, older group of customers. He was making comparison to ceviche and all sorts of other more Western dishes in order to try to explain it to these people. It was an impressive display of culinary knowledge for a waiter. Also, everyone who helped us was very courteous and super nice. They were all willing to indulge all of us despite how annoying we were being. Truly, the service here was great.

Overall, the food is good and reasonably priced. The service was amazing. The environment is very stylish with dim lighting, pillows, and interesting furniture. I can easily recommend this restaurant to anyone with any any interest in southeast Asian food.

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