Manga Review: Chainsawman

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Score: 6.8/10

Chainsawman is a currently ongoing manga that takes place in a world with devils. Many of these devils are bad and regularly terrorize humanity. Some of these devils are not so bad and form contracts with humans, giving them supernatural powers.

The story focuses on a poor kid who owes a heavy debt to the Yakuza. He is killed but resurrected when he forms a contract with a devil. Now, the kid is known as Chainsawman and can turn into a demon who has chainsaws that come out of his body. He spends most of his time now hunting bad devils.

This is a very frenetic story without a lot of introspection or heavy themes. The main character is just a horny teenager and his main motivation for anything is just to grab some boobs or get laid. There’s some greater plot lines going on, but we mostly follow this horny, violent kid.

The art is pretty great. It’s a style of art that perfectly supplements the extremely violent, graphic content in this manga.

Overall, this isn’t the greatest story, but it’s a fun ride. If you’re looking for something shallow, violent and gory to read, this is will do.

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