Movie Review: Joker

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Score: 7/10

Joker is confusing movie for me. I feel like it tries to be a drama with some social commentary, but it still ties into that whole Batman, superhero thing. There are tons of opinions that love or hate this movie going around the internet and I really wish I read none of them because they definitely impacted my opinion of this movie. If you have a chance to watch this movie without any prior information, I advise you to do so.

Joker tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a troubled comedian in troubled city. It’s also sort of a Joker origin story as it takes place in the Batman universe, though it’s not connected to any of the prior Batman movies. That’s all I’ll say about the plot.

The movie itself is relatively slow. I think the audience who will get the most out of this movie are people with no knowledge of Batman. If you are a Batman fan or have some awareness of the character’s history, this movie feels a little disjointed. You can feel that the movie wants to tie into the Batman universe in some way, but it could very much just be a movie about a troubled individual.

Which is why it makes forming an opinion difficult, because this movie did not need to have any connection to the Batman universe in order to tell its story. However, I think a disconnected movie would be mediocre and not be financially successful. With the connection to the Batman franchise, this movie becomes far more meaningful and better because of those connection.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the film, but it felt disjointed. It tries to be a heavy drama while also relating to Batman. Normally, something like that would ruin a movie, but I think this attempt to do balance both goals works for the film and makes it better than it would have been. Joker was enjoyable to me, but I don’t think it’s a masterpiece. It also wasn’t as terrible, as violent, or as heavy handed as I was expecting.

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