Comic Book Review: Superman: Year One

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Score: 6/10

How the hell did Frank Miller get here? He is one of the most legendary writers in the comic book industry and yet he can’t seem to write decent dialogue. It sound super fake and antiquated, like someone is trying to imitate a 1930’s gangster. It’s tough to sit through. I got through the first two issues all right, but that last issue was painful.

Superman: Year One is a retelling of Superman’s origins and first year as Superman. It’s territory that has been largely retread over and over again. For the most part, Year One adds almost nothing new.

The biggest change is that Superman joins the military for a bit. That parts interesting as it’s a new take on the hero’s origins. It doesn’t do anything all that different. Superman also goes to Atlantis, but no signs of Aquaman.

I think most of my disappointment comes from the third issue, where the dialogue really falls apart. It’s here where you can really feel that Miller dialogue take over and it is bad. I was also really disappointed with how Superman: Year One actaully takes place in the same universe as the legendary Dark Knight Returns and the really badly written All Star Batman and Robin. I just wish Miller would move on and write something new instead of trying to shoehore everything into his old successes. I also wish he would learn how to write comic books in a different voice. It reminds me of a lot of the complaints people have with Bendis’ dialogue.

Overall, this is a very skipable book. The art is fine if you like Romita Jr.’s art. The story is mostly a retread of work done by other writers. This book just doesn’t offer anything all that new and the dialogue from Miller is still as problematic as it was in his last DC Comics book. I really question what the editors at DC are thinking every time they let him write a book. I imagine its a combination of reverence for Miller and that there are some fans who will by Miller’s work no matter how bad it is.

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