Restaurant Review: Niu Pot

Details: Located at 42-35 Main St, Flushing, NY 11355. Official site is

Score: 5.9/10

I came here a while back and the main thing I remember about this place was the deceptive pricing. As with all reviews, the score above is based on how much the food cost, which was a bit much.

Niu Pot is a hot pot and skewer place where you can order a la carte or pay a set price for all you can eat.

I came by because a poster outside said unlimited skewers and hot pot for about $24.00. When we entered, the menu then said the price was actually around $30, which I settled for. Then there was an additional charge of five dollars for unlimited skewers. So really, the meal cost about thirty-five dollars before tax and tip for what was advertised as $24.00 on a poster taped onto the store’s windows. If you come here and want all you can eat, expect to around that much.

The food itself was decent. Service was fine despite the deceptive pricing. Quality was okay.

Overall, the place is a decent place for hotpot and skewers. The main issue is the price. Similar quality all you can eat hot pot can be had for about the same price to cheaper. That this place felt the need to keep up a wrongly priced poster to mislead people into their business speaks volumes about what a bad place this is. I’m sure they’d say that they conveniently forgot to take the poster down, but there are laws in the United States as to how businesses are supposed to post prices for their products (especially food products) for situations exactly like this. This business clearly violated those laws and its sad that they had such a deceptive discrepancy in their stated price. In other words, I think they’re trash. If you want hot pot, go somewhere else where they clearly state their prices.

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