Restaurant Review: San Soo Kap San

Details: Located at 38-13 Union St, Flushing, NY 11354. A claimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 6.9/10

San Soo Kap San is a chain of Korean restaurants with at least two locations I’m aware of. I’ve been to both locations before, though this is a review of the Flushing location.

If you come here, then you must get Korean barbecue. Stupidly, I did not. I got the siu long tang (beef bone broth) which came with some noodles and beef in it for about $16. I also got to try some of my friends soondobu (spicy tofu stew) which cost around the same. It came with bunch of banchan, which is something I love about Korean food.

As said above, you should really only come here for the Korean barbecue because most of the non-barbecue items can be purchased from across the street at Kimganae for about five dollars cheaper. Though the siu long tang and soondobu are not on the menu of Kimganae, so I guess you can get that here. There is also sushi on the menu here, which is not at Kimganae.

The interior is kind of worn down and smoky. There’s a lot of Korean barbecue going on here so it’s expected that the walls and ceiling will be a little worn down from the smoke. Also, expect to smell like Korean barbecue walking out of this restaurant because most people here are getting the barbecue.

The service was fine.

Overall, this place was fine. The items we got were good enough.

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