Bar Review: B Flat

Details: Located at 277 Church St # A, New York, NY 10013. Official site is

Score: 8.4/10

This is perhaps the best bar I’ve ever been to. I’m trying to think of a better bar, but I can’t think of one.

The bar itself is a little hard to find. The door is a mostly unlabeled door next to a Japanese restaurant that belongs to the same company most likely. It leads down a somewhat dangerous set of stairs into a basement bar.

The bar itself is not extraordinary, though I will say that each of the two bathrooms is an individually locked room, which I appreciate as someone who prefers private bathrooms over communal peeing.

What stands out here is the service. It’s profoundly professional and you can tell it is styled after the Japanese style of bar tending. That means a higher level of professionalism and expertise that your standard bartender who knows almost nothing about mixing drinks and relies on being cute. The bartenders here were all polite and attentive, a far cry from the average bartenders I’m used to seeing. The bartenders were also all entirely Japanese. Maybe that contributed to their professionalism and politeness.

I ordered the drink called My Favorite Things. I forget what was in it, but one of the primary ingredients was Calpico, so I was going to enjoy this regardless of whatever else was in it. It cost around $15.

I also ordered the matcha monaka for $9. It was all right. It’s worth mentioning that this place has an extensive food menu because the food is all from the Japanese restaurant upstairs. I didn’t try any, but I saw lots of people having dinner and ordering steak where the waiter comes to your table and pours sizzling hot sauce all over their steaks. Suffice it to say this place is quality when it comes to food or drink.

Another word should be said about their alcohol selection, which is incredibly vast. You can pick and choose which brands of alcohol you want your drinks mixed with, which is dangerous because they are not all priced the same. A friend ordered a drink that he thought would be around $15, but instead was around $30 because of the alcohol brand he ordered. I think he encouraged the bartender to pick the alcohol for him, which was an expensive mistake.

Lastly, there was live jazz here from the hours of 10:00 PM to 12:00 PM on a Saturday night. The bar actually takes reservations so you can reserve seats if you want. My group just walked in and sat at the bar, but I imagine the possibility exists that you may not be able to get a seat depending on how things go.

Overall, this place is fantastic. As I said above, I can’t think of a better bar I’ve been to in recent memory. I’ve read somewhere that you can tell the quality of a bartender by the quality of the ice that they serve. The ice here was superb, as were the drinks, service, food, music and ambiance.

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