TV Show Review: The Boys

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Score: 7.3/10

The Boys is a new show from Amazon streaming that is based on the comic book of the same name. It takes place in a world of superheroes and focuses on a small group of people who want to take down some misbehaving superheroes.

The Boys takes place in the present day in a world filled with superheroes. Unlike most superhero stories, the heroes in this world are heavily commercialized. They are mostly owned by corporations and marketed like products. These heroes and their owning corporations are also very corrupt. There’s a ton of collateral damage, deception and people dying from the shenanigans of these heroes and corporations and their never ending quest for profit and growth. Enter The Boys, a group of people wronged by the superheroes of this world who seek to tear them down. The Boys use spy tactics in hopes of taking down every super powered person in the world.

The comic book was profoundly violent and sexual. The show is obviously not that extreme, but there is a lot of violence and some sex stuff.

The story is good, but what I enjoyed the most about this show is just how much was faithful to the comic book and how much deviates from the book. They did a great job deciding what to keep and what to change. The end result is an entertaining show that has a lot for fans of the comic book while changing enough to keep us guessing. If you’ve never read the book, you’ll likely be surprised by this commercialized, corrupt adult spin on the superhero genre.

Overall, this was a cool show with good production values and a decent concept. This is definitely the right time for a show like this to come out as the Marvel cinematic universe has shown a great interest in superhero stories and Deadpool has shown there is a great interest in adult superhero stories. This show is definitely not for kids, but if you’re an adult and want something new from the super hero genre, this is your show.

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